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Back Pain Relief in Bondi Junction

woman in gray shirt holding lower backMany complex parts are involved in the health of your back. If any one of the many joints, muscles, or structures that connect to your back are out of place or improperly functioning, it can lead to multifactorial lower back discomfort.

That’s why Health Odyssey Chiropractic offers focused solutions for your back pain. As an experienced chiropractor, Dr Bradley Waterer can determine the cause of pain and provide what you need for lasting relief.

Identifying the Reasons for Your Chronic Back Pain

Chemical, physical, and mental stress can lead to the development of chronic back pain. We find stress points through neurological and orthopaedic testing, postural analysis, and conversations about your lifestyle. We may also use surface electromyography (SEMG), which picks up spinal imbalances and gives a baseline for objective measurements of your healing.

To correct physical stress, we emphasise awareness of your physical activity. Poor posture while sitting or improper form in exercises contributes to physical stress. We can correct many physical stress points by combining our adjustments with your improved awareness.

Mental stress is a common issue, especially in Bondi Junction, that can be caused by relationships, work problems, and more. It can lead to muscle tension, compression of joints, and a constant state of hyperactivity within your nervous system. Our attentive care may help you cope with stress and reach a more relaxed state of mind.

Finally, chemical stress comes from cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and other substances (like caffeine or chocolate). Chemical stress can trigger a negative response like mental stress.

Helping You Overcome an Acute Back Injury

Stress and misuse of the back that is relatively minor may not always lead to chronic pain, but it can predispose you to acute back injuries.

A particular incident in athletic activity or daily life triggers an acute back injury. While the cause and severity of each injury are unique, most injuries are generally easier to fix than chronic problems.

Heal From Back Pain Today

We look forward to helping anyone with acute or chronic back pain. Contact us today to book an appointment.


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