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Hip & Thigh Pain Relief in Bondi Junction

Relief with Chiropractic Care

Pain in the hip or thigh is a common complaint but can stem from many different issues. By thoroughly examining you and determining the cause of your problem, Chiropractor Dr Bradley Waterer can help get you back on the road to health. Generally, there are several different sources of hip and thigh pain.

Area of Pain Structure Injury
1 Traumatic Hip Dislocation The head of the femur dislocates from the socket because of a serious injury or an existing hip instability. The trauma is high-impact and followed by severe pain.
2 Hip Sprain A forceful and traumatic injury involving the hip joint capsule can result in a sprain. The injury can include movements of external rotation and extension or abduction. Those with a hip sprain experience groin pain that refers into the knee and is aggravated by running, jumping and stretching.
3 Hip Pointer A contusion injury located in the upper hip bone, also called the iliac crest, is caused by blunt trauma like a motor vehicle accident or sporting injury. It involves localised pain, bruising and swelling at the iliac crest, spasm in the gluteal and abdominal muscles and pain that increases with movement.
4 Myositis Ossificans A collection of blood called a haematoma can calcify from a muscle strain, contusion or repetitive trauma when the injury hasn’t been properly rehabilitated. Severe blunt trauma to muscle results in pain that is aggravated by a contraction or stretch of the muscle and swelling or weakness for some time after the injury.
5 Snapping Hip Syndrome This syndrome can occur in four places, each with a different cause. In the lateral or outside hip, ITB moves over the greater trochanter. In the anterior or front hip, the iliofemoral ligament or iliopsoas tendon moves over the hip joint capsule or femoral head.

The posterior hip involves a hamstring tendon moving over the ischial tuberosity. Finally, the intra-articular inside hip joint is from hip instability, loose bodies and labral tears. All forms have recurring pain and a snapping sound when performing movements that activate the hip.6, 7, 8Hip BursitisBursa, or fibrous sacs of fluid, is caused by trauma, infection, joint instability or chronic overuse. When present, it prevents friction between two structures, resulting in pain and inflammation. The three types of bursitis that can occur include iliopsoas bursitis, ischiogluteal bursitis and trochanteric bursitis. They cause pain and tenderness that does not abate with rest.9Transient Hip SynovitisInflammation in the hip due to genetic predisposition, trauma or infection result in a rapid and acute onset of severe pain in the hip and groin. Additional medial thigh and knee pain are possible.10Septic ArthritisThe hip joint can become inflamed from a viral or bacterial infection, resulting in septic arthritis. The symptoms include the acute onset of pain in the hip and groin which may radiate to the anteromedial thigh. A fever is present and the pain aggravated by movement with the joint becoming tender and warm.11Groin (Adductor Muscle) StrainAn injury to the adductor muscles can be due to chronic overuse or other biomechanical abnormalities. The symptoms include a chronic pain in the groin or an acute, painful twinge.12Hamstring StrainAn injury in the hamstring muscles can be caused by an acute situation or chronic overuse along with other biomechanical abnormalities. Those with this condition will feel chronic posterior thigh pain or an acute, painful twinge in the area.13Piriformis SyndromeA strain of the piriformis muscle due to acute injury or chronic overuse and other biomechanical abnormalities including leg length inequalities and dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint. The piriformis muscle, when compressing the sciatic nerve, can develop trigger points, referring pain into the hip and thigh. The symptoms include dull and aching to sharp pains in the gluteal, posterior thigh and hip region.

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