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Joint Pain Relief in Bondi Junction

joint pain in handAt Health Odyssey Chiropractic, our chiropractic care isn’t just about relieving discomfort. We want to help you reclaim your ability to move, restore your active lifestyle, and reach your health goals.

With joint pain, we understand there are unique challenges that Bondi Junction residents face. Chiropractor Dr Bradley Waterer will use his skill and objective testing tools to find the path to your healing.

Restore the Movement of Your Youth

Bradley loves to say that we don’t stop doing the things we did when we were young because we get old; we get old because we stop doing the things we did when we were young. This is especially true for joints, which are essentially use it or lose it as it relates to mobility.

Restricted movement is the primary cause of joint pain. Most joints in your body (known as synovial joints) are essentially in vacuum-sealed containers of fluid that rely on movement for blood supply and overall nourishment.

When the joints are locked up and not moving, it causes damage, including inflammation and early cartilage degeneration. The longer the joints are immobile, the more damage occurs. You can end up with muscle spasms or even nerve compression due to restricted joint movement.

Avoid these issues. Let Health Odyssey Chiropractic help you return to moving like you did when you were young!

Hitting Your Goals Through Adjustments & Adjunctive Services

With every patient, we discuss and pursue goals for care and assess progress throughout your time with us. We are constantly working towards an objective measure of health and want to do everything we can for you to be successful.

In addition to our chiropractic adjustments to help you reach your goals, we use adjunctive services that can specifically help in targeted care for joint pain. There’s trigger point dry needling that can alleviate muscle spasms, custom exercises that can keep joints loose and mobile, and much more.

Start Working Towards Health and Mobility Today

Take the first step towards relief from joint pain and improved mobility by contacting us today!



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