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Nerve Pain Relief in Bondi Junction

ankle and leg painAlso known as neuropathic pain, nerve pain often feels like a sharp, shooting, or burning sensation that may also include tingling or numbness. Nerve pain can be a complex and debilitating condition, and it often stems from two primary sources. These are direct compression of the spinal nerves within the vertebral column or irritation of nerves due to tight joints restricting movement.

Identifying the source of compression is crucial in developing a personalised care plan.

The Causes of Nerve Compression

Nerve compression can occur in various ways. For instance, degeneration can cause the bones to move closer together, exerting pressure on the nerves. A protruding disc may also push on a nerve, leading to discomfort. The bone may sometimes shift out of position, contributing to nerve pressure. Additionally, peripheral nerves outside the spine can experience compression.

Identifying Nerve Issues

While our practice doesn’t use specific nerve conduction test equipment, Dr Bradley Waterer (Chiropractor) performs a thorough neurological exam that helps identify potential nerve compression.

This examination checks dermatomes, myotomes, and reflexes, providing insights into which nerves might be compressed. If there’s any compression of any of the spinal nerves within the spinal canal, that helps us to identify what nerves might be compressed.

Disc-Related Injuries and Chiropractic Care

Disc-related injuries are a common cause of nerve compression and pain. Many patients seek chiropractic care as a natural, non-surgical approach to alleviate their discomfort. One of the frequently asked questions about this process revolves around the use of traction, particularly with a flexion distraction table.

The Role of Traction

Traction plays a significant role in addressing disc-caused nerve compression. The flexion distraction table isolates the segment where the compression is happening. The technique aims to stretch and relieve pressure off both the disc and the nerves through repetitive decompression movements. Rest assured, this therapy is gentle and often one of the most comfortable options for patients.

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