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adjusting persons knee

Knee & Leg Pain Relief Bondi Junction

There are several different conditions that can affect your knees and/or legs. Chiropractor Dr Bradley Waterer is trained to evaluate these conditions and can recommend the appropriate treatments to help you recover your health.


Anterior (front) Left Knee


Medial (inside) Left Knee


Lateral (outside) Left Knee


Posterior (back) Left Knee

Area of Pain Structure Acute Trauma Chronic Overuse Injuries
1 Quadriceps muscle Strain or rupture, contusion Strain
2 Quadriceps tendon, suprapatellar tendon Avulsion of Qudriceps tendon, suprapatella bursitis Tendinitis, apophysitis in younger individuals
3 Vastus medialis obliquus (VMO) muscle, medial retinaculum of patella Strain of medial retinaculum or strain of VMO due to patella dislocation Patella tracking disorder with chronic strain/sprain of medial retinaculum or VMO
4 Patella, patella bursa Fracture, dislocation, bursitis Bipartite patella, chondromalacia patella
5 Medial tibiofemoral joint, meniscus, coronary ligament, medial patellofemoral ligament, medial plica Fracture, medial meniscus tear, traumatic plica irritation Sprain of either coronary ligament or patellofemoral ligament, or medial plica
6 Infrapatella fat pad Fat pad irritation Fat pad irritation
7 Patella tendon, infrapatella bursa Bursitis Patella tendinitis
8 Medial proximal tibia, pes anserinus insertion Fracture, pes anserinus bursitis Pes anserinus bursitis
9 Tibial tuberosity, patella tendon insertion Fracture, avulsion fracture Osgood-Schlatter disease in younger: patella insertion tendonitis in adults
10 Tibalis anterior, extensor tendons Contusion Anterior shin splints, extensor strain
11 Tibia Fracture Stress fracture
12 MCL, medial meniscus Medial collateral sprain or rupture, medial meniscus tear Mild MCL sprain, osteoarthritis
13 ITB Contusion ITB syndrome
14 Vastus lateralis, lateral retinaculum Contusion Vastus lateralis strain, lateral retinaculum sprain or fibrosis
15 Lateral tibiofemoral joint, lateral meniscus Meniscus tear, fracture Meniscus tear, capsular sprain
16 Fibular head, LCL insertion Subluxation, dislocation, LCL sprain Subluxation
17 Insertion of biceps femoris onto fibular head, peroneal nerve Direct trauma to peroneal nerve Biceps femoris insertional tenditis, peroneal nerve entrapment
18 Lateral meniscus, popliteus tendon, lateral gastrocnemius Lateral meniscus tear Popliteus tendinitis, lateral gastrocnemius strain, lateral meniscus tear
19 Semimembranosus insertion, medial meniscus, semimembranosus bursa Medial meniscus tear Bursitis, insertinal tendinitis, medial meniscus tear
20 Medial head of gastrocnemius Tennis leg Strain of medial gastrinmenius

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