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Trigger Point & Dry Needling in Bondi Junction

Dry Needles in persons shoulderHave you ever pushed on a muscle, at the back of your neck or on your trapezius for example, that caused pain further up or down your neck or into your head causing a headache? Another example is if you push on the gluteal muscles around your hips and they refer pain into your back or into your leg, like a sciatica feeling.

That pain of yours is being produced from a “trigger point” which is a very sensitive area of muscle caused by chronic dysfunction/ overuse (like lifting your arms up and down all day) or acute muscle strains (like suddenly turning to reach something far behind you or lifting a heavy weight). A trigger point is commonly confused or misdiagnosed as a “pinched nerve.”

Why Pain Occurs

The strain on the muscle results in a portion of the tissue becoming very tight and reducing its blood supply. There will be reduced oxygen and nutrients to that muscle tissue (ischaemia.)

Pain occurs to tell the body to protect itself. But the problem is it does this by tightening the muscle even more, which reduces the blood supply more and causes even more pain. This cycle keeps repeating itself and so the pain rarely disappears on its own and even though massage relieves it, it seldom makes it go away completely.

Myofascial pain and Dysfunction

How it Works

Dry needling at Health Odyssey Chiropractic uses an acupuncture-type needle that is skilfully inserted into the trigger point. Often the muscle twitches (indicating that “the spot” has been hit) and this twitch together with the slight inflammation, is what increases the blood supply in that small section of muscle, thus breaking the myofascial pain cycle. Your muscle may feel slightly stiff and uncomfortable for a day or two afterwards, but ultimately the pain you were getting from the trigger point will ease off or disappear.

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Bradley Waterer and his team provide trigger point dry needling along with a number of other chiropractic techniques. We treat each patient as an individual and will work with you to find the source of your pain or overall health goals to tailor a treatment plan to suit you.


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