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How Can Chiropractic Help with Joint Pain?

ankle-and-leg-pain-sq-400 (1)Persistent pain in your joints can be a roadblock to joy in day-to-day life.

Stop for a moment and picture life without subtle aches that accompany every move you make. Through chiropractic care, that dream can become reality, as adjustments and adjunctive services can bring relief to joint pain and restoration to your desired lifestyle.

Understanding the Common Causes of Joint Pain

Your joint health is closely tied to your lifestyle and mobility. Chiropractor Dr Bradley Waterer likes to say that joints are a “use it or lose it” commodity, and he emphasises how restricted movement leads to joint pain and damage.

The reason is simple. The primary joints in your body (including those located at the knees, elbows, and wrists) are reliant on movement to receive necessary nutrients and blood flow through the cartilage.

When your joints are locked up and not moving, you are likely causing damage to your body in the form of inflammation and early degeneration of the cartilage. You are also setting the stage for spasms in supporting muscles and nerve compression.

How to Fix Joint Pain and Cartilage Degeneration

Health Odyssey Chiropractic has a method for bringing mobility and health to your joints. First, Bradley detects restricted joints via a thorough examination. Specific techniques and exercises may then be used to reincorporate motion into the joints.

Trigger point dry needling is another option to induce muscle relaxation. While it may sound unconventional, it’s a long-time care modality that works in releasing tension and promoting natural healing for muscle spasms. Ultimately, the result is better movement for pinched and inflamed joints.

Take a Step Towards Health and Mobility Today

The fear for many dealing with joint pain is that it will not go away. Let us calm your fears: relief from joint pain and improved mobility is possible.

To learn more or book an appointment at our Bondi Junction office, contact us today!


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